Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Counting down to Easter

I must apologise because I haven’t taken many pictures the past couple of days.  I forgot to charge up my phone yesterday (duh) so this is just a brief outline.

Monday ended up being a disparate day.  We were nicely settled doing some work when the postman arrived with a parcel addressed to all three children.  Being slightly dopey I couldn’t think what it could be… and it turned out to be an Easter gift from one of their Aunties.  Doh!  It’s Easter this week.  It had not occurred to me!  So there was the distraction of a small new toy.  And then I had a phone call from our elderly next-door-neighbour’s nephew.  And then it was time to head off… so not quite as much done as I’d hoped.

First stop was the supermarket for a few bits and pieces and then to the hospital to visit great, great uncle who broke his hip and shoulder in a fall recently.  The children were great and very well behaved.  Hospital visiting is not easy even for grown ups.  We always spend some time thinking of three things that each child can talk about when there to avoid long silences.  We also talk about appropriate behaviour in a hospital and try to remember how we feel when we are poorly to avoid leaping and shouting!

Today LG was at playgroup and as usual the boys and I went swimming.  LB1 managed 6 lengths this week though he needed a *lot* of encouragement – it really is very tiring when you’re so new to it.  LB2 did well too though is struggling to put his face in the water and that is holding up the improvement of his stroke.

The main thing we discussed today (in between swimming and visits and such like) was what plants “eat”.  We discussed quite a few options which led to talking about photosynthesis and some basic chemistry.

We unexpectedly had a friend round for a while this afternoon and a visit from Grandad so again not quite what we had planned.  But BIG news!  LB1 suddenly decided that he would like to walk to our local shop.  It is not too far away but a number of roads to cross.  He seemed very determined and answered all my questions calmly and carefully.  He had obviously considered it carefully and we had discussed it many times before (how to cross roads, stranger danger – the works).  So off he went with his money in his pocket… and 15 minutes later returned with a small bag of sweeties.  He must have run part of the way because it seemed to go very quickly to me!  And he was so very proud of himself.  And frankly I was proud of him too.

I was out studying again tonight so Daddy read LG’s story sack with her so that we could return it to playgroup so I will leave you with a couple of the pictures he took for her book :)





Oh and we have some fun things planned – will tell you more tomorrow.

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