Wednesday, 27 February 2013

After a Break

To paraphrase Ross from Friends (showing my age) we’ve been on a break.

Meltdowns had reached such spectacular proportions that I just stopped.  Well we didn’t stop doing things altogether but we did stop worksheets, trips out and the like.  I just couldn’t face the objections.  I was poorly and we had a few nights where LG came into our bed at night to wretch and cough.  So tired too.  Not a good combo!

Over half term all three children took part in a crash course in swimming at our local pool.  It was enjoyed a great deal and all three of them got a lot out of it.  It was a welcome break from our normal activities and has really encouraged them all.

2013-02-21 08.47.49

Then we had a few days with only half a houseful.  LG went to stay with my mum on Friday morning, coming back on Saturday at teatime (because she missed me.)  Then the boys disappeared on Sunday for two whole days.  It was very quiet here!

So today was our first day of normality and getting back into our studying.  Our topic is (loosely) “Plants” (it being Spring and all).  We started this morning by looking at a variety of seeds and beans (being a vegetarian came in handy!).  We talked about the difference between living things and non-living things and what things we need in order to live.  LB1 had already covered a lot of this stuff as he is that little bit older so he was packed off to work on the laptop to find info in the biggest seeds and the smallest seeds and type up a factsheet.  He did a good job!  I haven’t quite worked out how to paste it in here yet but I will find out for tomorrow.  While he was busy LB2 and LG drew pictures of plants and LB2 labelled the parts of the plants.

We had a look at poppy seeds under the microscope:


Quite fascinating given how teeny tiny they are.

And then soaked some of our seeds and beans in water over night before we pop them into our jam jar in the morning.

2013-02-27 23.15.27

We had a busy afternoon.  First to Asda to buy cress seeds and while there we happened upon some nice cheap display books which looked as though they would do a nice job of collecting all the random pieces of paper we have lying around.  I think I’ll be back for more!  Then to Enjoy-a-ball.  It was v quiet today so for the first time LG got the chance to join in (normally they have to be 5 to take part).  She LOVED it and they had such fun.  Then ballet and we rounded the day off with a trip to the softplay to meet up with some friends from school.  Phew!  By 6pm I had three very tired children.

Another busy day tomorrow :)

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