Sunday, 27 January 2013

Another Snow Day

Well Friday started with the best of intentions (don't they all!).  I'm starting to feel more comfortable now and  I'd had lots of ideas for activities to fill the day when I got a text from the mum of a friend of LB1.  LB1 had a good friend at school, P, who had left school some time ago.  It transpired that he was back for a short time and had stayed with another friend of LB1 the night before.  The mum now had two boys to entertain on what should have been a school day - so would we like to go to the park?  Daft question really!

So after a bit of sorting, tidying and washing (I'm not usually so houseproud - I'll explain later) we donned our socks, coats, second coats, scarves, mittens, hats, second pair of socks and wellies and ventured out into the cold and snow.  It was very cold on Friday.  Then we got to the park and I suddenly realised what a really stupid mum I was.  Because we saw this:

The snow had been here almost two weeks and I had spent the time wondering where on earth I could take the children to sledge.  Lots of places came to mind that were too far to walk.  It had never once occurred to me to come to the park with the lovely slope - and we come here all the time!  I hadn't even brought the sledge. FAIL!

Fortunately D's mum came to my rescue and the boys took turns flinging themselves down the hill.  They had immense fun.  The snow was due to thaw on Saturday (and did) so this was going to be our last chance - and it was definitely worth ditching lessons for!

And LG played on the swings and the climbing frame - even though it was rather frozen!

After an hour though, the cold got the better of us and LG was crying because her toes were hurting.  And to be fair so were mine so we said goodbye and trudged back home.  We had already arranged to meet up with D, P and a bunch of other friends at the softplay after school.  P was going back home to Iran and we may not see him again so we wanted to make the most of it.

Once home I set about making some food.  Largely because it costs quite enough to get three children into a softplay without buying them tea too!  And there was no way they would last until we got home after a mornings walking and sledging followed by a couple of hours of relentless fun at the softplay.  So I made pizza.

Now I'm not trying to claim I am a domestic goddess (I know. Washing and cooking pizza from scratch all in the same day – ok maybe I am a domestic goddess) but this recipe is from a friend and it's so good and easy that I had to share the results.  You can find the recipe here.

You can also see there the garlic bread I made, also a recipe of hers - delicious.  And just what was needed to fortify us for another trip out into the sub-zero afternoon.

We did find time for a little bit of work.  LB1 was keen to try different kinds of pizza topping and I suggest that we try a few and then we could all vote and then we would find out which was our family favourite.  Ahhh he said but you and LG don't like meat on your pizza - so the meat pizzas would never win.  So I explained a little bit about averages and how we could average the score for the meat pizzas just using the three meat-pizza lovers:

So this is another activity for next week - I can feel charts, graphs and questionnaires coming on - as well as a LOT of pizza :)

Friday finished with a long, slippery, slidey, icy cold walk to the high street, lots of fun in the softplay and the same freezing cold walk back home.  But oh it was worth it and I had three very, very tired but happy little people.

So briefly on to the weekend and an explanation of my industriousness on Friday.  I am not one for letting housework interfere with our home ed but as the day was already chopped up I decided to make life a bit easier for Daddy by doing a few chores.  I am not around much at the weekends at the moment as I am studying towards a degree and need to get out of the house to concentrate.  We still do some stuff on weekends - our plan is little and often - so no weekends or holidays as such but then we don't sit at the table for hours and hours either.  LB1 is finding it a bit hard to adjust to this as it is very fixed in his mind that learning occurs Monday to Friday between 9 and 3.  He grabbed me yesterday morning, before I left for work, to complain.

"It's not fair" he said "My friends don't have to go to school on a Saturday"

"And they don't get to go sledging on a Friday either" I replied.

There was a silence and then a very grudging "I get your point." which did make me smile!

So I left a few bits and pieces to help Daddy as he is new to this too and from what I can gather there was lots of lego building, game playing, story planning and maths done which I will fill you in on when I look through it on Monday.

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